DVD Release Delayed

We have been informed by Laemmle-Zeller films, our distributor, that The First Basket DVDs will not arrive until June 22nd. We apologize for the delay and any inconveince caused to you. DVD pre-orders are still being accepted. For more information, email:


On Sale June 9 2009

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Beta Testers Wanted! The First Basket Bulletin Board!

Ever since I first started working on The First Basket, I’ve been flooded with emails, calls, and letters about former players – some relatives, some friends, and some childhood heroes. Because there were in fact so many great Jewish Basketball players, it was impossible to get them all in the film. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to take all of this history and make one story line. However, if we couldn’t get them in the film, we certainly can get them ALL online. So in a the next week or two we will launch The First Basket Community Center, an interactive bulletin board, on The First Basket site, where people will be able to post comments, memories, and stories of their own. To login and help me build this log on at:


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